Local Advisory Board


Generating creative ideas and providing consultancy that contributes to achieving the university's endeavors, strengthening its reputation, and enhancing its academic performance. In addition to offering outstanding community services.     


  • Contributing to the university’s strategic plan, through employee its   pillars of strengths in order to achieve the aspirations of the Kingdom's vision 2030. 
  • Preparing consulting studies and proposing initiatives that contribute to improving the quality of performance and achieving leadership excellence.  
  • Benefiting from experienced members in serving the university and strengthening cooperation with the business sector.
  • Contributing to strengthen the university’s synergy via agreements in various educational and academic fields, as well as community service and entrepreneurship programs with local and international universities.
  • Providing tools and skill development programs which enhance university staff performance and reflect on the university’s general performance.
  • Benefitting from international experiences in employing the university’s human resources to serve the community and achieve the kingdom's vision 2030.
  • Raising the university reputation, locally and globally, and improving the university global ranking.
  • Inculcating the culture of institutional consulting services in the university.


Chair of the Board

Name: Falleh Al-Solamy

Position: The University President

Specialized Field: Differential Geometry

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Board Members

Name: Abdullah bin Ali Al-Mulphi

Position: Former Vice Minister of Civil Service, Minister Counsellor of Energy in the field of Human Resources.

Specialized Field: Leadership and Management

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Name: Dr. Tamadhor bint Yousef Al-Rimah

Position: Former Vice Minister of Labor and Social Development 

Specialized Field: Radiology and medical engineering

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Name: Prof. Ismail bin Mohammad bin Abdullah Al-Bushri

Position: Former President of Al-Jouf University

Specialized Field: The History of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Name: Dr. Saad Mohammad Ahmad Mariq

Position: The Counsellor of His Highness Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, Mekkah Governor.

Specialized Field: Fund Accounting

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Name: Prof. Saeed bin Mohammad Rafa'

Position: Former Vice President of King Khalid University

Specialized Field: Pedagogy

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Name: Prof. Musfer bin Saud bin Abdullah Al-Sololi

Position: Counsellor and Supervisor of the General Directorate of Research and Studies at the Agency of research and Innovation in the Ministry of Education

Specialized Field: Mathematics Education

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Name: Dr. Hamad bin Aqla Al-Aqla

Position: Vice Governor for training at the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation

Specialized Field: organizational sociology

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Name: Dr. Ibrahim bin Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Althunaian

Position: Senior lecturer at the Business Administration in Brunel University London

Specialized Field: Strategic Management

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Name: Afnan Abdullah Al-Shuaibi

Position: Former General Supervisor of International affairs in Saudi Ministry of Culture

Specialized Field: Leadership and Management

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Name: Dr. Abdullah bin Sulaiman Alamro

Position: Former Executive Director at King Fahd Medical City

Specialized Field: Radiation Therapy

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Name: Dr. Raja bin Munahi Al-Marzouqi

Position: Former Economics Associate Professor, Diplomatic Studies Institution, Executive President at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gulf Monetary Counsel – Riyadh

Specialized Field: Economics

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Name: Dr. Wajeeh bin Osama Maghrebyah

Position: Director of Workforce Management, SABIC

Specialized Field: Chemical Engineering

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Name: Fahad bin Abdullah Al-Sunaifi

Position: Former General Secretariat Counsellor, Higher Education Fund, Assistant Secretary for the iT, Civil Affairs, Ministry of Interior.

Specialized Field: Management

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"Universities contribute greatly to the world's evolution, especially in this time and age which is known as the Forth Industrial Revolution. That is by creating knowledge partnerships with all sectors and contributing to research, creativity, and education enhancement. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has devoted great care to universities by supporting their autonomy, developing their regulations to accommodate global changes, and achieve the kingdom's aspirated vision (The Kingdom's Vision 2030). As a concerned delegation of King Khalid University on accommodating changes and supporting education, research, and creativity, the university has restructured its strategies and goals to accommodate the vision's goals by evaluating all educational and academic programs to enhance its outcomes in all fields. In an effort to benefit from national expertise in achieving excellence in leadership, education, scientific research, community service, creativity, the university's global ranking, available investment opportunities, and human resources development, the university has established a local advisory board to provide needed consultations through offering innovative ideas generated by its experienced staff in order to improve the university in all of its active fields.

We, at King Khalid University, are proud of having outstanding, qualified, and national members within the local advisory board. We thank the board members for their efforts to improve King Khalid University and work with them to achieve its noble goals."

- Prof. Falleh Al-Solami, the President of the University

 You can contact us via the Email: Lab@kku.edu.sa