Legal Administration


Legal Administration was established at King Khalid University on 15\9\1419 H (3\1\1999 AD). Also, it is connected directly to the President of the University as it is shown in the organizational structure.


  • To give counsel and advice to and anyone request ;deans, vise deans, deanships and general managers at  the university in the actions and decisions they are determined to take and to know the validity of the application of rules, regulations and instructions.
  • To represent the university before the general courts, administrative courts and courts of appeal and the committees of jurisdiction in the Asir region and beyond.
  • To follow up procedures and allocation requests and choose the territory of the university that meets the current and future needs in the Asir region that covers the area from  Bisha Province in the north to Dhahran Al Janoub province in the south and from Al Birk province in the west to Tathlith province in the east , and follow-up procedures for emptying and transfer of ownership.
  • To practice the work of administrative investigation and study the suggestions of administrative  sanctions that issued against the employees of the University.
  • To form and prepare contracts, agreements and memorandums of understanding which the University is involved in it.
  • To participate in all types of  standing and temporary working committees when the administrative members are assigned to give consultation or participate.


Director of Legal Administration

Name              : Muhammad bin Ali bin Saeed Al Qarni

Specialization : Methodology of Assunnah

Grade              : 11

Current Job    : Director of Legal Administration

Tel-Work         : 22419919

 E-mail            : mhalqhtani@kku.edu.sa




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Muhammad bin Ali Al Qarni

Director of the Administration

Tel: 2419919​

Fax: 2419929

E-mail: maalgarni@kku.edu.sa




Sultan bin Muhammad Al Ahmri

Consultation Section

Tel: 2419901​

Fax: 2419902

E-mail: smalahmari@kku.edu.sa



Abdullah bin Muhammad Al Hois​

Administrative Communications

Tel: 2419906

E-mail : alhowaes@kku.edu.sa



Mushabab bin Audh Al Tali​


Tel: 2419905

E-mail : maltalea@kku.edu.sa




Saeed bin Abdullah Al Asmri​

Administrative Communications

Tel: 2419904

E-mail : saalasmri@kku.edu.sa