Vice Presidency for Project Management


To take a leading role in establishing university cities and facilities.


To establish smart university cities and facilities that have a distinct identity, in addition to creating an innovation-stimulated environment that should be attractive and convenient to any user, operating systems and active services achievable to the requirements of sustainability and environment-friendly.



 Cooperation and Teamwork. 





 Respect and Appreciation. 



 Employing the knowledge, skills, modern tools and methods as well as computer technologies in studying, designing, supervising and implementing the university's academic, sport and service projects under the overall systematic quality with visions of future trends.

 Achieving innovative operative conditions for the university's facilities, equipment and systems to ensure maximum usefulness and energy saving and safety of workers.

 Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of academic, medical, sports and service facilities, and applying the best standards of maintenance to continue the high quality and performance.

 Improving and modernization of the infrastructure for all systems used in the university's facilities and buildings.

 Achieving the highest levels of safety and security standards for facilities,  personnel and property in the various units of the university.

 Supporting the university's role in enhancing sustainable development,  environment and community service.    


Name: Dr. Mohammed bin Abdullah raided Hussein

Specialization: Civil Engineering

Specialization: Road Engineering

Academic rank: Associate Professor

Current work: Vice President for Projects

Business Phone: 0172418877

Email: madahim@kku.sa 


 To supervise the university projects and buildings, and to follow up the implementation of the detailed plans of the projects under design and implementation in addition to providing operation and maintenance services to all the facilities of the university as well as to do the jobs of follow up fields, and to hold specific studies that add changes to the projects in light of the follow field observations.

 To follow up the tasks of maintenance and operation for all the university's facilities and buildings to ensure the continuation of processing its jobs with high quality and efficiency.

 To communicate regularly with contractors, consultants and to contact with various specific stakeholders.

 The activities of the vice-presidency in following up the tasks of designing, implementing, supervising and providing infrastructures for university's hospitals are part of its message toward the community services.

 The vice-presidency undertakes important responsibilities of sustainability at the level of university city, especially with regard to maintaining the operational level of the facilities, equipment, fixtures and systems, and the possibility of recycling wastewater and reuse it.

 To supervise the residential units of the university and propose the optimal use of these units in addition to following up the processes operations and maintenance for all facilities in these units to achieve conservation as well as to provide the best means of comfort for the faculty and staff who dwell in these units.

 To support supervising of the operations of security and safety at the university's sites, facilities and properties as well as individuals by using the needed tools for that in addition to studying everything that would regulate the traffic in all university locations and identify the human resource needs for that and work to develop them.

 To work on providing healthy environment and protecting it, and propose specialized plans on developing, increasing and preserving afforestation and green spaces in the university city in accordance with the available plans.

 To support supervising, improving, operating and maintaining of the sport facilities and staff and faculty clubs, and to set organizing regulations for the provided services as well as suggest the optimal ways to develop the clubs' activities and areas of services.

 To take the best advantage of workforces' potentials according to the possibilities available.

 To provide studies and technical consultations to the university president and vice-presidencies and colleges.

 To determine the vice-presidency's needs of technical and administrative workforces, and coordinate the necessary procedures with the Deanship of Faculty and Staff Affairs to find required qualified cadres and continue improving their abilities.

 To prepare the annual budget for the new projects.


The vice-presidency is interested in the following areas:

 Quality Management

 Time Management

 Cost Management

 Risk Management

 Security and Occupational Safety Management

 Resource Management

 Finance Management

 Taking Care of the Environmental Aspects

 Feasibility Studies and Return on Investment

 Value Management

 Follow up Developments of  technology 

 Planning for Facilities Management


University Vice President of Projects Office 

Phone Number : 2418877