Graduate Studies

Brief Introduction 


In 1419 AH, the university Vice Presidency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research was part of the approved structure of King Khalid University, since then it has many missions, responsibilities, and powers which coordinate with main demands needed to set up the university .

the university Vice Presidency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research did a lot of achievements since that date and so far. A lot of relevant persons have exerted best and creative efforts, in front of them the former Vice Presidents:

  • Professor, Mohammed Bin Yahia Al-Shehri
  • Professor, Mohamed Bin Ali Al Hayaze
  • Professor, Saed Bin Abdullah Sabr
  • Professor,  Ahmed Bin Taher Mubarak 
  • Majid Bin Abdulkarim Al Harbi

Professor, Saad Abdulrahman Muhammad Al Amri is the University Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research up till now. 



The university Vice Presidency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research is looking forward to distinction in its programs and exploiting this distinction to have a pioneering role in the scientific research field so that it can take part in developing society and spreading the culture of creativity.



To create a model environment suitable for implementing the university mission towards distinction in Graduate Studies and Scientific Research to meet society needs and national development plans by figuring out needs and suggesting solutions.


  • To oversee the university strategic plan to improve Graduate Studies and Scientific Research and follow implementing it.
  • To diversify Graduate studies programs and the outcomes of scientific research in accordance with of cognitive development trends and link them to the strategic needs for the Kingdom so that they can take part in continuous development.
  • To work on reaching distinction in Graduate Studies and Scientific Research programs and increasing outcomes in accordance with the criteria of academic accreditation.
  • To spread the culture of original scientific research in the colleges departments and university research centres.
  • To review policies, systems, and rules supporting uniqueness and innovation, in addition to motivate and cherish talented.
  • To encourage, motivate, and support research abilities in the university by developing and updating the understructure of scientific research focusing on research fields in which the university can make scientific distinction.   
  • To support cooperation among scientific specialities by activating correlations between graduate studies programs and scientific research to exploit potentialities and improve programs quality.
  • To establish strategic partnership to serve graduate studies and scientific research programs and to get the benefit out of these partnerships.
  • On-going evaluation  to the outcomes of graduate studies and scientific research programs at King Khalid University.
  • To put plans and identify the university needs out of lecturers and follow the rules of transparency and justice in assigning them so that we can build a generation of teaching staff able to take the responsibility after rehabilitation. 
  • To oversee the Scientific Council and improve its performance to serve teaching staff concerning assigning, promoting them and even other academic activities in accordance with rules and regulations which organize the relationship between the member of the teaching staff and the university.
  • To attract distinctive competencies in all specialties to work at the university in order to raise the level of the educational process and to strengthen research potentialities at the university by exploiting the experiences of those distinctive teachers and researchers. 




Name: Prof. Saad Abdurahamn Muhammad Al Amri

Specialization: Applied Microbiology

Scientific Rank: Associate Professor

Current position: Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Vice President

Tel: 017 241 9221

E-mail: saralomari@kku.edu.sa

Saad Mohamed bin Hadi Al Qahtany

Office Manager

Tel: 2419466

Fax: 2419223

E-mail: Shalqahtani@kku.edu.sa


Abdul Aziz bin Ali bin Saed Al Saleh

Vice President Secretary

Tel: 2419221

E-mail: aalsaleh@kku.edu.sa

Mohamed bin Fay'e bin Ibrahim Al- Alma'i

Vice President Secretary

Tel: 2419221

E-mail: malalmai@kkuedu.sa


Saed bin Mohamed bin Gobran Al​ Bahal

Assistant of Office Manager

Tel: 2419458

E-mail: smjalbahal@kku.edu.sa


Abdul Aziz bin Saed bin Mohamed Al Ataf

Head of Administrative Communications​

Tel: 2419792

E-mail: aalattaf@kku.edu.sa



Ibrahim bin Ahmed bin Yussef Faqeh​

Secretary of the Office Manager

Tel: 2419469

E-mail: iafaqeeh@kku.edu.sa



Hussein bin Meshabab bin Ali Al Maneeh

Coordinator of Communications and Information Technology

Tel: 2419456

E-mail: hmalqhatani@kku.edu.sa



Waleed bin Ahmed bin Abdo Mebarky


Tel: 2419455

E-mail: wmobarki@kku.edu.sa



Jaber bin Mefareh bin Musa Al Waeli

Administrative Communications

Tel: 2419454

E-mail: jmmousa@kku.edu.sa


Refdan bin Abdullah Laheg Al Shahrani

Follow-up Unit​

Tel: 2419465

E-mail: ralaehq@kku.edu.sa

Muhammad Saad Al Shahrani

Follow-up Unit

Tel: 2419459

E-mail:  msn@kku.edu.sa



Majid Ali Al Qahtani

Follow-up Unit 

Tel: 2419450

E-mail: mahadi@kku.edu.sa


Office of the Vice Presidency​ for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research 


Tel : 0172419221

P.O.Box​ : 960

Fax : 0172419223

E-mail : vp-gssr@kku.edu.sa