A son of Aseer region, born in 1360 AH in Sarat Ubaidah. He received his education in Aseer and worked in agriculture and then trade. He made many contributions
Businessman, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Haif Holding Company, Haif Trading and Contracting Company, and Haif First Investment Company
Born in Ahad Rufaidah, with a bachelor’s degree in military sciences. Al Jarallah, owns a number of companies and factories classified as elite businesses in several fields
Al-Qahtani Holding Group owns several major companies, including the International Beverage Holding Company, the Central Mining Holding Company
Businessman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Sharq Industrial Group of Companies, which includes seven factories in Saudi Arabia and a factory in the United Arab Emirates.
A pioneer in the real estate industry in Saudi Arabia, with a bachelor’s degree in industrial management from King Fahd University
Ibrahim bin Abdullah Al-Juffali, was a businessman who descended from the Bani Khalid tribe in the city of Unayzah, he grew up in Shaab Amer in Mecca.
Mr. Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman Yahya Al-Yahya (may God have mercy on him) belongs to the Subay tribe. The Al-Yahya family ruled the city of Unayzah with their cousins
Businessman and CEO of Abha International Private Hospital Company, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Shukr Association for the Preservation of food,
Businessman, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of DEBLCO Company, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holy Quran Memorization Society in Khamis Mushait,
Businessman, and Head of the Ibrahim Al-Jafali and his brothers company, the biggest private-sector owned company in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to a number of major companies,
Businessman, founder and CEO of Spacious Places Company Ltd. in the Kingdom, Orance International Hotel Suites Group, owner of Khamis Mushait Boulevard
Born in Makkah and started his educational career in Makkah. He earned a BA in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Ain Al-Shams in Cairo, followed by a Diploma in Tropical Medicine
Businessman, born in Rufaidat Qahtan, and worked in the educational sector. He founded Bin Hamran Establishment for Gold and Jewelry Trading, a private factory for manufacturing
Businessman and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saad Hussein Dajam Group for Industry, Chairman of the Transport Sector Committee at the Chamber of Commerce in Abha
Dr. Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Meshal earned a PHD in Sharia policy from the General Judicial Institute in the specialization of administrative contracts in Sharia and law.
Business, and Chairman of Al Murjan Holding Group, Founder and Partner of Sidra Capital, Member of the Board of Trustees of the Saudi National Museum
He was one of the leading businessmen who served the Asir region. He received his education in Lebanon, then completed his studies in England. He was a regional director of the National Bank since 1969.