King Khalid University

Unit of Internal Review

About the Unit:

According to the Cabinet Resolution No. 235, dated 20 / 8 / 1425 AH, it was stated, in the second paragraph, to establish a unit of internal review at each governmental agency. The director of the unit will be in working contact with the first administrator in the department. And according to the resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 129, dated 06 / 04 / 1428  AH, which stated the approval of the Regulations of establishing internal Review units in governmental agencies and public institutions, the Rector of King Khalid University has issued his approval to establish an internal review unit in the university.

Internal Review Unit is defined as "Objective, independent, consultative, and evaluative unit of activity, which is created in order to add value, to improve performance, and to help in achieving set objectives by providing an entity to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, and of censorship within the body.


Internal Review Unit seeks to operate as a consultative body that contributes to raising the level and the quality of administrative, financial, and technical work at the university.


The pursuit of improving performance within the university through the provision of advice and recommendations to the various departments, in addition to promoting


In the second article of the consolidated list of internal review units in government agencies and public institutions, the goals of internal review unit have been set, therefore we can see it clearer if we notice that there are: -

1- Protection-related goals: which show that the internal review unit is working on protecting all kinds of assets of the University, in addition to the protection of financial systems, the accounting procedures, and ensuring  that the exploitation of the University's available resources is done appropriately. Moreover, internal review unit also follows the progress of the approved plans at the university to achieve the desired protection.

2- Development-related goals: It is clear that the internal review unit serves as a guiding partner, which, examines, reviews, follows up, identifies, and analyzes results, so as to reach the appropriate solutions. After that, recommendations and suggestions will be submitted to the administration to take the appropriate action.


Saad bin Misfer al-Fusaili

Director General of the Internal Audit Unit

Phone: 2419726