About the University

On Tuesday 09/01/1419 AH (06/05/1998 AD) HRH Crown Prince–may God protect him- ordered the merger of Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University and King Saud University in the Southern Region into one entity under the new identity of 'King Khalid University'. Later, on 11/3/1419 AH (6/7/1998 AD), a Royal Decree, Decree 7/78/M was issued to complete all regular procedures necessary to effect the merger. The University's first budget was issued on 14/09/1419 AH (02/01/1999 AD) within the general state budget.

The University is in Aseer region in the southwestern part of Saudi Arabia. The area of Aseer region is about 80.000 square kilometres occupied with more than 1.600.000 people distributed in seventy- eight governorate and centres.


developing the To be a world-class university in and enhancing the economy human, the place .


To have an academic environment stimulating the production and application of knowledge, research and innovation, promoting social responsibility and contributing to sustainable development by optimizing our capabilities and resources .

Strategic Objectives

      To improve teaching and learning outcomes in order to meet labour market requirements and ensure sustainable development.

      Promote research & innovations to meet societal and economic needs. 

      Promote social responsibility and voluntary work.

      Improve the quality of university life.

      Achieve institutional excellence.

      Diversify, develop and sustain revenue sources.


King Khalid University's Strategic Objectives


    Education and Learning 

Providing qualitative programs, which enhance skills, keep abreast of developments, and create local and international partnerships, with a focus on healthcare, tourism & hospitality, culture, arts & heritage, in addition to environment & agriculture, as well as security & safety.

   Research and Innovation 

Specific research priorities in the fields of health sciences, environment, agriculture, and advanced materials, which are in line with society's demands and future economies

  Social Responsibility

High utilization of the university's resources and facilities for community service and volunteerism

   University Life 

An attractive university environment, which enhances the quality of academic life

  Institutional Excellence

A flexible organizational structure based on efficient spending and operation, achieving excellence in the academic and technological aspects, as well as in research and innovation

   Sustainable Revenue

A center for research, events, and investments based on potential and revenue-generating activities.