Intensive English Program Placement Test

 Placement Test Dates for Registered Candidates in the Intensive English Program  

Upon the directives of the University Rector and in cooperation with the Faculty of Languages and Translation, the University Vice-Presidency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research will hold an Intensive English Language Program. It will have a three-month duration and begin in the late afternoon going into the evening from 04:00 pm to 07:00 pm. The placement test dates will occur on the dates below.





Male Lecturers and Teaching Assistants 

Faculty of Languages and Translation

Building A, Floor 3, Room 60

Tuesday 13/05/1439

04:00 pm

Female Lecturers and Teaching Assistants 

College of Education

Building 3, Floor 2, Room 28 

Tuesday 13/05/1439

04:00 pm