President Office

The work at the Office of the President is generally characterized by team spirit, with clear and specific tasks for each team member. Here follows the designations and major duties of the members of the President’s Office:

General Manager of the Office:
  • Directing, supervising and following-up all activities and duties of the office.
  • Reviewing applications and transactions delivered to the office before being submitted to the President.
  • Receiving visitors and clients and providing them with assistance according to the office regulations.
  • Developing and promoting administrative performance in the office through providing support and automated programs.
  • Encouraging and motivating employees through development and innovation.


Secretary of the President:

  • Responding to all telephone calls and e-mails pertaining to the President.
  • Carrying out travel arrangements such as flight and hotel bookings, etc, for the President.
  • Arranging the official appointments of the President.
  • Arranging and following-up with the preparation of internal and external meetings.
  • Receiving clients and arranging their meetings with the President.


  • Reviewing the orders delivered to him by the President.
  • Participating in committee’s at the University at the behest of the President.
  • Any other activities assigned to him by the President.


Office Secretary:
  • Assisting in making phone calls as requested by the General Manager.
  • Arranging documents and reports delivered to the office.
  • Arranging and following-up with the preparation of meetings of the General Manager.
  • Receiving visitors and assisting them in any way possible.


  • Composing replies to the petitions and requests delivered to the President's office.


Administrative Communication:
  • Receiving incoming mail and recording it in the required registry using the automated program.
  • Sending all outgoing correspondence to the concerned bodies after having maintained a copy of all incoming and outgoing correspondence.
  • Answering clients’ questions.


Confidential Office:
  • Administering all confidential incoming and outgoing correspondence of the office.


  • Following-up all replies and correspondence issued by and sent to management and departments and ensuring no delays occur.


  • Copying reports and letters.


Custody and Office Supplies:
  • Providing supplies as required by the office.
  • Following up financial issues concerning the office.
  • Following up consequent expenses and advanced payments of the office.


Record Keeping and Archives:
  • Keeping copies of all incoming and outgoing requests and letters in specified files.
  • Providing the office with any prior documentation or circulars as needed.
  • Arranging and organizing filing systems and following up electronic administrative communication and archiving. 



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