To take a leading role in establishing university cities and facilities.


To establish smart university cities and facilities that have a distinct identity, in addition to creating an innovation-stimulated environment that should be attractive and convenient to any user, operating systems and active services achievable to the requirements of sustainability and environment-friendly.



 Cooperation and Teamwork. 





 Respect and Appreciation. 



 Employing the knowledge, skills, modern tools and methods as well as computer technologies in studying, designing, supervising and implementing the university's academic, sport and service projects under the overall systematic quality with visions of future trends.

 Achieving innovative operative conditions for the university's facilities, equipment and systems to ensure maximum usefulness and energy saving and safety of workers.

 Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of academic, medical, sports and service facilities, and applying the best standards of maintenance to continue the high quality and performance.

 Improving and modernization of the infrastructure for all systems used in the university's facilities and buildings.

 Achieving the highest levels of safety and security standards for facilities,  personnel and property in the various units of the university.

 Supporting the university's role in enhancing sustainable development,  environment and community service.