Three University Research Entities Receive grants from the Developmental Authority of Research, Advancement and Innovation

King Khalid University - General Administration of Institutional Communication

King Khalid University, represented by the University Agency for Graduate Studies and Research, received three national research grants, during its participation in the “Support and Reactivation of Laboratories and Research Centers” initiative, presented by the Developmental Authority of Research, Advancement and Innovation. 

The grants were offered to the Center of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz for Environmental Research and Natural Resources Sustainability, the Laboratory of Cell Research and Cancer Biology, and the Center of Artificial Intelligence.

The program aims to support laboratories and research centers in the Kingdom to enhance national capabilities in research, advancement, and innovation, leading to scientific and technological progress through 86 laboratories and research centers from 30 entities, including universities, national laboratories, hospitals and private entities, which will be equipped with the latest technologies with an allotted budget of 312 million riyals. 

This achievement reflects the University's continuous efforts in supporting research and innovation, and enhancing the quality of research outputs, in line with national strategic objectives, and University Strategy 2030.

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