Ajaweed2 initiatives.. 16 Camps and 3000 Beneficiaries at the Applied College in Al-Majardah

King Khalid University - General Administration of Institutional Communication

As part of the Ajwaad2 Ramadan initiatives launched by the Asir Development Authority, 16 camps have been launched at King Khalid University, represented by the Applied College in Al-Majardah with more than 3,000 beneficiaries, which will continue until the end of Ramadan.

The diverse camps offered various activities and competitions in different fields. Each camp had its own specific criteria for the competitions, which were designed to increase motivation and competition related to performance quality indicators. The goal was to achieve human service within its geographical framework and to transition from training to participation in the labor market with efficiency.

CEO of the Applied College in Al-Majardah, Dr. Maha bint Mohammad Al-Shehri, highlighted the support of the president of the university, Prof. Faleh bin Rajaallah Al-Solami, and the guidance of the General Supervisor of the Colleges of Tihama, Prof. Ahmad Atif Al-Shehri. She explained that these initiatives aim to broaden opportunities for Artisans, professionals and technicians, achieving Asir Development Strategy and Saudi Vision 2030 objectives. She pointed out the connection to the labor market skills camps launched by the college the previous year, as well as Artificial intelligence, virtual world and professional technical performance camps of 2025.

Al-Shehri added, the initiatives included camps in the following fields, (cybersecurity, web pages, international tests, fitness, makeup, flower arrangement, cooking, charcoal drawing, jewelry making, incense-making, chocolate-making, coffee, and skills of the future). She pointed out that there will be upcoming camps on online business and Java. 

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