Amira Suhaim: "Excellence" Requires Great Efforts, Hard Work and Continuous Creativity.


King Khalid University consist of a boundless of talents and  professionals that work tirelessly to develop themselves and to grow to serve their country. 
 Among the university’s outstanding employees is Amira Suhaim who was announced  employee of excellence  at  King Khalid University Excellence Award 8th edition  cycle.

Amira’s educational background consists of a diploma in programming from King Khalid university  followed by a journalism bachelor degree from Jazan University,  which she was granted in the year 1437Ah. Her ambition didn’t stop there she followed by obtaining an executive master's degree in Business Administration with first class honors in 1441 AH. She is currently a doctoral researcher in the Academic Doctor of Philosophy of Business Administration program at the College of Business at King Khalid University.
In the field of research, Amira Suhaim has a number of published  papers such as a  paper  on institutional excellence, which  compares   the Saudi model and the European model. She also published a paper on the contribution of national companies in supporting food security within the framework of Vision 2030, in addition to another published paper entitled "The role of management Administrative development in improving job performance.

On the professional level, Amira Suhaim is  rich in experience, her career  took her on a variety of paths that enriched her professionally. Amira worked in the field of media as an editor of a number of newspapers among them was the  Afaq newspaper at the university. She was also head of the control of the National Measurement Center, assistant to the head of the beneficiary service department, supervisor in e-learning at the University Center for Female Students in Samer. Amira  then  moved on to become head of the security and safety  unit  at the university Center in Asan, in addition to carrying out tasks in the Department of Rewards and Educational Diploma, as well as her vivid  participation in  number of community and volunteer activities.

Amira’s  search for career development  has not stopped as she attended many programs that approached sixty, including courses, programs, and workshops in a number of diverse fields such as quality, corporate media, strategic planning, professionalism. 
On the occasion of  becoming an employee of excellence,  Amira Suhaim extended her sincere appreciation  to His Excellency the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Faleh bin Raja Allah Al-Salami, for providing the sources and opportunities  that motivate  employees and advance their professional level. She  stressed that excellence requires great efforts, continuous work, creativity, innovation and self-development .