KKU's Languages & Translation Students Win 1st Place in the "Poetry Translator" Competition at Princess Noura University

King Khalid University - General Administration of Institutional Communication

In a new achievement, King Khalid University  Translation Club came in  first place  “Poetry Translator” competition for translating poetry from English and French into Arabic, which was recently organized by Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University, with the participation of 11 clubs from Saudi universities.

The competition, which coincided with the Saudi Ministry of Culture's 2023 the Year of Arabic Poetry initiative, was held to strengthen the spirit of competition among student clubs in the language faculties of Saudi universities.

The competition concluded with a seminar, which discussed topics of language differences in poetry, the distinctive features of Arabic poetry, the degree to which discussed topics are influenced by language, as well as the impact of cultural and social changes on poetry style, the ability to translate poetry between languages without losing the aesthetic and rhetorical images and meanings, as well as the symbolism and expressions expressing the culture and history of the language in poetry.

Dr. Ahmed Ismail Asiri, dean of the university's College of Languages and Translation, expressed his gratitude and congrats to the translation club students for their outstanding accomplishment.

It is worth noting that the awarded students, Nujud Al-Awad Asiri, Amjad Muhammad Al-Qahtani, and Mashael Saad Al-Qahtani, are all master's students in the college's Translation Discipline.

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