University Launches Anti-Drug Campaign and Sheikh Al-Mutlaq Speaks on the Issue

King Khalid University - General Administration of Institutional Communication

Under the patronage of His Excellency King Khalid University President, Prof. Faleh bin Rajallah Al-Solami, the university, represented by the College of Sharia and Fundamentals of Religion, held an educational virtual meeting with  Advisor  to the Royal Court and member of Senior Scholars Council His Excellency Sheikh Prof. Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Mutlaq, entitled "Advice and Directions, which came in line with the Kingdom's vision to improve life quality and achieve a better future by shielding people from the dangers of drugs.

At the beginning of the meeting, Al-Mutlaq stressed, that drug wars are the deadliest wars  and the victims  of these wars outweigh those of any other war. He also emphasized the necessity of collective efforts to combat drug smugglers who work with the enemies of our religion and nation and seek to instill corruption within our youth.

Al-Mutlaq covered a wide range of subjects in his talk, topics such as : the effect of drags on individuals and on our society, the  national efforts to combat drugs, peer pressure, the significance of Sharia education and essential disciplines, as well as the acquisition of knowledge and skills in drug-fighting.

On his part, the college's dean, Prof. Muhammad bin Ali Al-Qarni, explained that the talks  aimed  to raise awareness among the university community on the risks of tobacco and drug use, as well as support the efforts of the national "War on Drugs" campaign to combat drugs. Al-Qarni continued that this meeting was part of King Khalid University's contribution to the Kingdom's national anti-drug campaign, which aims to free society from  toxins and protect people from their evils.

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