"Success Is Attained by Great Effort" – Hamzah Al-Saeed - King Khalid University Excellence Award Winner


For his efforts and professional accomplishments while working in the office of His Excellency the University President, Professor Hamzah bin Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al-Saeed received King Khalid University's 8th Cycle Excellence Award for the year 1444 AH in the category of the Outstanding Employee.

Al-Saeed, who holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Diploma in Applied Computer Science (Applied Programming), began working at the university in 1420 AH and advanced through promotions until he reached the 9th rank, honing his skills and professional experience in secretarial work in addition to taking part in admission work, electronic archiving, management of administrative communication programs, technical support & beneficiary care, as well as the management of the university council secretariat and several other administrative tasks at the university.

Al-Saeed participated in a number of forums, such as the E-Document Management Forum, the Tawasul Service Forum, and the Training Needs Workshop, all of which attest to their active involvement in exchanging knowledge and developing skills. He also participated in the "A Country's Vision" initiative, in addition to a number of initiatives and volunteer work.

Al-Saeed said that one of his most significant contributions and areas of expertise is his work as a quality auditor at the university, which has been accredited by the international standard ISO 9001: 2015. He continued by saying that work done within the framework of quality assurance improves accuracy, objectivity, and organization in accordance with performance indicators and within an overall strategy, which stems from actual goals that the system seeks to achieve.

Al-Saeed expressed his gratitude to Prof. Faleh bin Rajallah Al-Solami, His Excellency the University President, for giving everything necessary to inspire the employees and raise their level of expertise. Whether he was an official or part of the work team, Al Saeed is grateful for everyone's efforts. He believes that the work environment, with its coworkers' skills, experiences, and abilities, encourages excellence and helps people achieve their goals, emphasizing that hard work is the real secret to success.

Al-Saeed has set an example of responsibility and perfection for 24 years. He is one of the outstanding role models for university employees who regard serving the university and accomplishing the ambitious 2030 vision of our country as a source of pride and obligation.