Extending the Nomination Period to the Board of Directors of the Saudi Physical Society (SPS)

The elections supervision committee of the Directors' Board of the Saudi Physical Society (SPS) extends the opening of candidacy for the Board of Directors membership. The Election Program for Candidacy starts Sunday, 28/07/1444AH.

Candidates should fill out the attached file and provide a CV copy, and then send the complete candidacy file to the Scientific Journals and Societies Unit e-mail sjsu@kku.edu.sa, noting that the following conditions must be met by the candidates:

1- The Board of Directors consists of working members, and their number does not exceed nine members.

2- The General Assembly has to choose the members of the Board of Directors through a secret ballot done by its working members.

3- At least two of the members must be affiliated with King Khalid University.

4- The Board of Directors elects, from among its members, a president of the Society, who is a member of the teaching staff in the field of physics at King Khalid University for a period of three years.

5- The Board of Directors selects, from its members, a Vice-Chairman, Secretary of the Board, and a Financial Officer for the SPS.

6- The candidate must hold a valid active membership.

7- The candidate must be a specialist in the field of the Society.

If you have any inquiries, please contact the Society's Management or the Scientific Journals and Societies Unit at the university.

The Election Program is as follows:





Extending the Board's Elections and the opening of candidacy for Board Membership

From Sunday, 19 February 2023 to Saturday, 5 March 2023



Two Weeks

72 Hours to Screen Candidates

Announcing the names of candidates for membership of the Board of Directors

Wednesday, 8 March 2023 

One Day

Two-Day Election Campaign

New Board Elections (24 hours)

 Friday, 10 March 2023



One Day

General Assembly Meeting and Announcement of Election Results

Saturday, 11 March 2023


One Day

To download the electoral program form (click here)