His Excellency King Khalid University President Congratulates the Wise Leadership on the Kingdom’s Founding Day and Attends the Founding Day Anniversary Celebration

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On behalf of himself and King Khalid University members, His Excellency King Khalid University President prof. Falleh bin Rajallah Alsolami, congratulated  the wise leadership on the  anniversary of the Kingdom’s founding day. He stressed that this occasion commemorates 3 centuries of  pride, success and glory and a history that lead the kingdom to becoming a pioneering civilization  that  inspires the world to experience.

His Excellency explained that in the year 1139 AH / 1727 AD, the Arabian Peninsula was promised a new era of security, safety, prosperity  and giving, when Imam Muhammad bin Saud, may Allah have mercy on him, founded the Saudi state. A state that  was ruled  from Diriyah as a political and civilized entity; To achieve, throughout its history, a pioneering presence at various levels and in various fields.

Al-Solami said, since that date, the region has witnessed a revolutionary prosperous  development in the lives of its people. This transformation  strengthened and achieved  success, the cohesion between the leadership and the people, and the relentless pursuit of development.  And today, on the anniversary of the founding day, we are proud of our  homeland, our ancient civilization, and the roots of our  human values. He added, our prosperous present will be   narrated for  future generations, what our country has achieved and what it aspires to, and our glorious past testifies to a full record of great sacrifices, determination and perseverance, and our ambitious vision 2030 takes us to new era of  developments, progress and leadership.

Al-Solami, stressed that while the anniversary of the Founding Day is a time to be proud of what has been accomplished, it is also a time to acknowledge the great national capacities, dignified life, and comprehensive development that we bask in. It is also a time to reaffirm our determination to move forward and put forth our absolute best efforts to actively contribute to the country's development and achieve its lofty vision 2030.

Upon His Excellency's arrival at the celebration venue at the university city in Al-Faraa, Al-Solami was briefed on the accompanying exhibitions, which included exhibitions of Founding Day costume fashion, traditional Saudi cuisine, in addition to visual arts. He  praised  what he witnessed and stressed the role of these efforts in promoting the country's cultural identity and our heritage.

The celebration, which was organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs in cooperation with the College of Home Economics, the General Administration of Institutional Communication, and other participating university units, featured a traditional costume show for children, a poetry reading, a Saudi operetta titled "Youm Badayna", in addition to a number of additional activities, which were followed by the honoring of the students' competition winners.

It is worth noting, that the university prepared a celebration program for the occasion of the  Founding Day, which included 3 major events that took place at the university city in Al-Fara’a, the university city for female students in Guraiger, and the university branch in Tihama.  The university also collaborated  a long side entities from out side the university in carrying out programs and events to celebrate the occasion, in addition to hosting the three-day "Liwan" event, which is organized by the Ministry of Culture.

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