Filling for Health and Administrative Candidacy Positions at the University's Medical City

King Khalid University, represented by the Medical City of the University is pleased to announce the available candidacy for administrative and health job positions within the self-resource program for those who meet the requirements and qualifications. 

Application period: 19/4/1444AH, and it will last for a week.

The application process will be fully online through the employment portal, which can be found on the official website of the university:



Position Title

Certificates and Qualifications



Executive General Manager of the University's Medical City

Medical Fellowship + Valid Professional Classification Certificate+ 7 Years of Hospital Management Experience



Consultant Anesthesiologist

Medical Fellowship+ Professional Classification Certificate as a Consultant Anesthesiologist+ 2 Years of Experience as a Consultant 


Non-Doctor Healthcare Specialist

Radiology Specialist

Bachelor's Degree in Radiology+ 2 Years of Experience


Non-Doctor Healthcare Specialist

Specialist Medical Physicist

Bachelor's Degree in Physics or Radiological Sciences+ Diploma or Accredited Certificate in Radiation Protection+ 1 Year of Experience as Radiation Protection Official+ Certificate from the Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Commission 


Non-Doctor Healthcare Specialist

Physiotherapy Specialist

Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy+ 1 Year of Experience


Non-Doctor Healthcare Specialist

Nursing Specialist

Bachelor's Degree in Nursing+ 1 Year of Experience


Non-Doctor Healthcare Specialist

Respiratory Therapist Specialist

Bachelor's Degree in Respiratory+ 1 Year of Experience


Non-Doctor Healthcare Specialist

Medical Coding Specialist

Bachelor's Degree in Medical Records or Biology or Chemistry+ Diploma in Medical Coding 



Sociology Specialist

Bachelor's Degree in Sociology+ 1 Year of Experience+ Courses in Sign Language




Diploma in Office Management+ 5 Years of Experience


Administrative Specialist

Budget and Planning Director

Bachelor's Degree in Accounting or Quantitative Methods+ Accredited Certificate in the Discipline+ 5 Years of Experience


Technical  Specialist

Maintenance Engineer

Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering+ 5 Years of Experience in Maintenance Management and Supervising Maintenance Contracts+ Good English Proficiency  



Cleaning Supervisor

Secondary School Certificate (Scientific Branch)+ 2 Years of Experience in Cleaning Supervision


Non-Doctor Healthcare Specialist

Clinical Psychologist

Bachelor's Degree in Clinical Psychology+ Granted Classification from Saudi Commission for Health Specialties as a Clinical Psychologist/Behavioral Therapist+ 1 Year of Experience in Clinical Psychology



Internal Auditor

Bachelor's Degree in Accounting- FinancialManagement+ Diploma or Professional Certificate in Reviewing- Auditing- Financial Supervision+ 5 Years of Experience in Internal Auditing 


Health Technician

Anesthetic Technician

Post-Secondary Diploma+ 3 Years of Experience in Anaesthesia .


Non-Doctor Healthcare Specialist

Anesthetic Specialist

Bachelor's Degree in Anaesthesia+ 3 Years of Experience.

 The general employment conditions for administrative positions in the self-employment program of the Medical City at King Khalid University:

  1. 1. The applicant must be Saudi.

    2. The applicant must be medically fit.

    3. The application process will be fully online through the mentioned website;

    the applicant is responsible for their registered data and is required to attach

    the needed document in PDF form.

    4. Applicant must not apply for more than one position and violating this will

    result in excluding the applicant.

    5. Applicant must not have been dismissed from a previous body for disciplinary

    reasons or was handed down a lawful judgment.

    6.  If found, applicant may attach professional certificates that are related to the

    field of specialization of the position applied for, in addition to their


    7. Applicant must pass the test, or the personal interview as deemed by the

    university medical city.

    8. Applicant must attach a copy of the graduation certificate, academic record,

    and national ID.

    9. Applicant must attach a translated copy, from an accredited office, of any

    provided certificate that is written in a language other than Arabic.

    10. In case the degree/diploma certificate and professional certificates were

    obtained from outside the Kingdom, the certificate(s) must be recognized by

    the Ministry of Education along with verifying the professional certificates.

    11. In regard to health job positions, a valid classification from the Saudi

    Commission for Health Specialties is required.

    12. The application process will be available online via the official King Khalid

    University website for a week, starting from 19/4/1444AH, through the

    employment portal.

To apply (click here)