Applied Diploma Fee Programs, Open for Admission

King Khalid University represented by the Applied College, announces the opening of  the electronic admission portal  to apply for ( Fee- paid )  applied diploma programs for the academic year 1444AH. Admission is available in the following cities Abha  - Mahale Asir - Sarat Obiyada - Dahran Aljanoub - Rajal Almaa’a -Tanomah starting from Sunday, the  9th until the 22nd  of Mohram 1444AH.


The college confirms that applicants are to be held responsible for the authenticity of all submitted  documents. Note in the case of any invalid information on the applicants part, even after the submission of the admission ID request will be declined.

Note :

-Submission to the portal(click here)

-Available programs (click here)

-Contact information( click here)


-Admission  seats  are  limited


Wishing all applicants good luck