University Holds Community Programs on the Occasion of World Health Day

king Khaled University- Media Center

As part of the World Health Day activities , King Khalid University, represented by the Department of Volunteer and Social Responsibility at the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education, in cooperation with the College of Medicine and the University’s Medical City, organized, on Thursday evening, the “Medical Corner” program and campaign at Al Rashid Mall in Abha.


The Director of the Volunteer  and Social Responsibility Department at the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education, Dr. Misfer bin Muhammad Al-Asmari, explained that the campaign aimed to provide a number of services, such as diabetes check-up, hypertension check up, dental examination  and dental fluoride treatment for children.


Al-Asmari pointed out that 18 male and female doctors participated in the campaign, and the number of beneficiaries  reached 271 beneficiaries.  The program and campaign revealed that 15% of the beneficiaries have chronic diseases, 8% have diabetes without their knowledge,  11% have high blood pressure without their knowledge,  36% of the beneficiaries are children with tooth decay. Patients were referred to special centers to follow up on their conditions.


It is noteworthy that King Khalid University continuously offers various community programs that coincide with international days, targeting commercial complexes to provide services to the largest possible segment.

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