Committee Goals

Article Six :

Committee aims to

1. Provide advice based on the criteria approved in these regulations.

2. Applying the principles of fairness, transparency and equal opportunities in selecting academic leaders.

3. Propose developmental training programs for academic leadership.

4. Development of selection criteria and application procedures.

5. Managing academic leadership selection process.

6. Empowering faculty members of both genders in leadership positions.

 Committee duties and terms of reference

Article Seven:

1. Without impair  to the competence of the university president in the matter of appointing or nominating administrative leaders at the university, the committee shall have the authority to provide recommendations regarding leadership appointing, the committee recommendation are not  binding or restricted to the university president decisions .

2. The committee shall undertake the following tasks:

.Announcing  academic leadership position to be filled, and receiving nomination applications.

. Selecting  applicants and conducting  personal interviews with them.

 .Evaluating applicants based on the criteria described in  regulations.

. Selecting top three  candidates and nominating  them to the university president.

. Establishing evaluating performance standards for  academic leaders.

.Creating knowledge reference for distinguished leaderships at the university.

. Setting criteria and models for selecting vice-deanships, heads of academic departments, center directors and unit supervisors, to assist the university president and deans when nominating whomever they see for these positions.