Rector Al-Solamy Calls for Volunteers

The University Community Responds
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King Khalid University - Media Center

On Wednesday the 27th of Rabīʿ Al-Awwal, His Excellency King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Falleh R. M. Al-Solamy, was pleased to announce the university's inaugural 'We Are All Volunteers Campaign' along with the rollout of enhanced 'Badir Volunteer Work Platform' features. This new program is being spearheaded by the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education. The launch of this continuing volunteer effort coincided with International Volunteer Day, which has been globally recognized beginning in the year 1985.

The purpose of the university's 'We Are All Volunteers Campaign' is to raise awareness about volunteer projects and initiatives. Volunteering to help other individuals, our communities and people in other countries plays a substantial role in leading an exemplary life. Every able citizen should strive to contribute to society. Collectively, these efforts improve our world. In addition, volunteering time and resources leads to greater personal fulfillment and gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon those who volunteer.

The university's volunteer campaign is in collaboration with the Saudi Red Crescent Society in Asir and the Public Civil Defense Agency. The organizations will develop plans to have volunteers assist the community in a variety of ways. Also, an important objective is to help develop a culture of volunteerism and raise the number of civic volunteers to 1,000,000 individuals in support of the goals set forth in Vision 2030.

Vice Rector of Academic Development and Quality, Dr. Merzin Al-Shahrani, thanked the Rector for his continued support and enthusiasm for this and many other community service initiatives, such as the 'Tourism Awareness Tent' and the 'Summer Welcoming Initiative'. He also thanked the great multitudes of people who have, and continue to volunteer their time to good and worthy causes. Vice Rector Al-Shahrani reiterated the importance of volunteerism in our local and global communities. He also explained that developing charitable and civic volunteer programs would remain a high priority for the university.

Vice Rector Al-Shahrani: 'In collaboration with our civic and governmental partners, we will help foster a culture of beneficial volunteerism'.

Vice Rector Al-Shahrani added that the university has already instituted a cutting-edge volunteer coordination and tracking program known as 'Badir Volunteer Work Platform' that will work in accordance with the 'We Are All Volunteers Campaign'. This unprecedented platform allows and encourages potential volunteers to register and be matched with the appropriate civic and charitable efforts an interests. The program also tracks volunteer efforts and performance milestones on an on-going basis. This allows for easy analysis of program effectiveness and continuous improvement. This initiative both supports and develops the criteria for the larger objectives as set forth in Vision 2030. So far, hundreds of willing volunteers comprised of students, faculty, and staff have offered their considerable talents and enthusiasm towards worthy volunteer efforts. Community Service and Continuing Education Volunteer Work Supervisor, Dr. Ali Al-Shahrani, explained that the purposes of the 'Badir Volunteer Work Platform' is not just administrative. Instead, he related, it serves a greater purpose in that it aligns itself with Vision 2030.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the Rector honored all of the organizers and participants in the 'We Are All Volunteers Campaign'. He also recognized those individuals participating in the 'Badir Volunteer Work Platform' and the 'Abha Tourist Initiative'.