HRH Prince Turkey bin Talal Conducts Inspection

Team Spirit Hailed as Source of Rapid Progess
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kku-media center

His Royal Highness Prince Turkey bin Talal bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Governor of the Asir region, expressed his joy in and admiration of the team spirit at King Khalid University during his inspection visit on Thursday 17/8/1439 AH. His Royal Highness was met by His Excellency the University Rector, Prof. Falleh R. M. Al-Solamy, the university vice rectors, project managers and engineers. His Royal Highness explained that the role the University fulfills would impact the region's economic achievement in accord with Vision 2030. He also stressed the importance of preserving the aesthetic value of the project and the essential need to invest in the environment which is in harmony with the nature of the region.

HRH Prince Turkey bin Talal: The need to invest in the region's environment where the natural surroundings and breathtaking beauty are preserved has never been greater.

His Royal Highness began his visit by observing the University City Model, followed by a visual presentation that explained the project which was presented by the University Vice Rector for Projects, Dr. Mohammad Al-Daham, the General Operations Manager, Engineer Ali Sultan, and the Project Consultant, Engineer Sulaiman Al-Shabil. The presentation included the project's dimensions and the percentage of the completion for every section, which states that 75% of the overall project has been delivered on an area of 8 million square meters and includes academic and service centers.

During the visit, His Royal Highness was introduced to the Student Academic Complex project, which is in its first stage and has covered around 90% of the project. The project includes 13 academic and service buildings, most of which are finalized and are ready to move into. The buildings include the Supporting Deanships, the College of Humanities, and the College of Business, while the rest are still under construction. The Student Medical Complex Project was also among the projects introduced. This project is 80% delivered and includes medical colleges and the University Hospital which will hold 800 beds and is under furniture and maintenance negotiation contracts. His Royal Highness also examined the Supervision Point Project which is 90% completed and includes the Central University Administration and supporting administrations.

His Royal Highness was also introduced to the Student Housing Project which is 67% delivered and will host more than 3000 students. The housing project for the female medical college project was also introduced, and it was noted that the project is 98% complete. The University Sports City Project was also introduced. The project has covered 90% of its plan and includes a stadium that can host 20 thousand people and a gym that includes courts and sports facilities. Another project that was also displayed is the housing for medical staff which is 50% complete. The project consists of two stages. The first stage is 90% complete and the second phase is being implemented. In addition, His Royal Highness was briefed on the Multi-Parking Project where the completion rate is 100%. The project includes one multi-role building that can accommodate around 900 vehicles; the rest of the project is still pending the approval of the trustees.

His Royal Highness also reviewed the Medical Conference Center Project, which has delivered 70% of its completion rate. The building is being implemented in the Academic Medical Complex, which includes "scientific halls, research halls, and multi-use halls." The project also includes the Internal Roads Network, which is 90% complete in addition to the completion of roads for the entire project and the paving of roads which have covered 70% of the project.

As for the completion of the service tunnel which connects sub-tunnels to the main tunnel, the tunnel is 70% delivered. Furthermore, the Northern Transformation Station Project has been completed and is in service to the northern area of the academic city while the main service tunnel project which is 14 kilometers long serves the University City with public services. The Service Center Project (1 + 2) has been fully implemented and is ready for operation, which includes the project of "Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Water Nutrition" and all public services, as well as the University Fences and Gates Project, which has delivered 10% of its plan. As for the Northern and Eastern Road project, the main roads are currently being implemented to serve the University City. The project is under the coordination of the Ministry of Finance to approve the contracts needed. As for the first stage of the Furnishing Project which includes the processing and furnishing of the Academic Academy for students, the Ministry of Finance will authorize and approve the contract in the near future.

His Royal Highness was notified on the financial and executive needs of the project as well as the approved projects that were put into operation such as: the Southern Power Plant, the Northern and Eastern Ring Road, the Rainwater Network, the proposed furnishings, supporting deanship facilities and buildings, faculty member housing, and the urgent need to adopt a program of operations and maintenance for the campus facilities.

His Royal Highness also toured the University City and visited the University Administration Building, the Central Library, the University Hospital and the Medical Complex. His Royal Highness was briefed on the details of these projects, the numerous stages, and strategic plans at the end of his tour.