The Rector of the University

Sponsors the Second Meeting of Website Coordinators and Launches the Electronic Newspaper 'Afaq'
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Media Center, IT

Under the patronage of His Excellency, the Rector of King Khalid University, Prof. Dr. Faleh Bin Rajaa Allah Al-Solamy, the General Directorate of Information Technology (IT) held the second meeting of the University's Website Coordinators on Wednesday evening at Abha Palace Hotel. Honorable dignities from the University attended the meeting including vice-presidents, deans, and staff.

At the beginning of the meeting, there was a short introductory film about the new environment of the faculty websites and other electronic entities, which is characterized by a stylish yet simple look and feel. The presentation also included a procedural clarification of the steps to follow when requesting any service related to the main university website or the websites of other entities, in addition to a demonstration of numerous web tools, which would be useful while developing the site. The film also included an explanation of how to professionally edit images and designs, and more importantly, their importance in conveying a professional look and feel.

Equally important, the University Rector launched the electronic version of Afaq, the university newspaper, which includes many high-tech features, such as making it accessible to the visually impaired through voice commands and a host of cutting-edge technologies. After that, Rector Al-Solamy launched the website of the General Directorate of Information Technology in its new format, which includes a portal for IT ambassadors and indicators of cognitive transformation.

Al-Solamy praised the diligent efforts of the IT staff. He further directed all entities to work on developing their websites and asserted that he would spare no effort in supporting them for the success of their websites.

Al-Solamy praised the sustained efforts exerted by the General Directorate of Information Technology affiliates in the advancement of the University and the lightning pace of electronic development. He directed all university departments to exert the required efforts in the development of their websites. He emphasized that he will spare no effort in supporting them to develop and enhance their websites.

Correspondingly, the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Dr. Salem Alelyani thanked the Rector for his continuous support and follow-up on the technical transformation in the University. Dr. Alelyani also related that the Rector maintains that the key role of the colleges and their employees in enriching the content of their websites and raising the ranking of the University are of utmost importance. In like manner, the CIO didn’t forget to appreciate the remarkable efforts completed by the entities involved who made a great impact on the success of their websites in particular, and on the success of the University main website in general.

Within the activities of the meeting, the e-learning department of the University presented a workshop on the KKUx platform. During the workshop, coordinators from different departments and faculties of the University were trained in cooperation with the IT department. They were trained on the new environment of their websites with different content types and the procedures for managing their websites. Following after, there was a brief explanation from the Help Desk department and how to communicate via 8000, in addition to another detailed explanation of the service of mySITE and e-Prints.  All of the attendees were urged to activate these services by training their respective colleagues on how to properly interact and utilize the aforementioned platforms. Furthermore, an informational session was presented where IT ambassadors learned how they could improve the global visibility of their website through search engines, followed by an open discussion to answer the attendees’ questions.

At the end of the meeting, the Rector honored the distinguished representatives in several categories, based on the evaluation carried out by a specialized team from the General Directorate of Information Technology according to the following criteria:

  • General appearance (image selection and content formatting)
  • Frequency of Content Posts
  • Coordination of the sitemap and content arrangement
  • Content enrichment
  • Link integrity
  • User browsing experience
  • Keyword variety
  • Linguistic accuracy
  • Website Content Translation
  • Coordinator cooperation with the General Directorate of Information Technology

Evaluation Results

Section 1: Number of Published Researches and Activation of Personal Sites

College of Pharmacy: The largest number of published papers.

Community College for Girls in Abha: The largest number in the activation of personal sites.

Section 2: Best Researcher on the Online Research Repository

First Place: Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine

Second Place: Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy

Third Place: Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry

Section 3: Best Personal Websites

First Place: Dr. Ali bin Saeed Mohammed Al-Qahtani, Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine

Second Place: Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mari Jubran Al-Qahtani, Professor at the Faculty of Education

Third Place: Mona Mohammed Mujahid Al-Basiouni, Professor at the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Mahail Aseer

Fourth Place: Alwaleed Hasan Ali Musallam, Professor at the Faculty of Science and Arts for Boys, Mahail Aseer

Fifth Place: Nawal Gharman Abdullah Al-Omari, Faculty of Science and Arts for Girls in Ahd Rufaidah

Sixth Place: Mohammed Yahya Ali Al-Sorour, an employee in the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Khamis Mushait

Seventh Place: Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim Ismail, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering

Eighth Place: Amira Hassan Gibran Qaradi, a Student at the Community College for Girls in Abha

Ninth Place: Nawal Abdullah Ali Abu Ashi, a Lecturer at the Faculty of Science and Arts for girls Khamis Mushait

Tenth Place: Prof. Abdul Aziz bin Omar Al-Consul, Professor in the Faculty of Sharia and the Fundamentals of Religion

Section 4: Best Sites of Deanships, Departments, and Centers

First Place: Deanship of e-learning

Second Place: Deanship of Academic Development and Quality

Third Place: Deanship of Faculty and Staff Affairs

Fourth Place: Admission and Registration Deanship

Fifth Place: Institute of Research and Consultancy Studies

Section 5: Best Faculty Websites

First Place: Lila Ali Maeed Al-Shamrani, Community College for Girls in Abha

Second Place: Jihan Abdulrahman Sadeq, College of Science and Arts for Girls, Khamis Mushait

Third Place: Dr. Amir Mohammed Kessentini, College of Engineering

Fourth Place: Mohammed Mabasher Hazza Al Asmari, Faculty of Computer Science

Fifth Place: Dr. Mourad Fathi Ibrahim Mustafa, Faculty of Science