King Khalid University Ranks 105 According to the Times World Ranking


King Khalid University continues to excel in  international rankings, according to the  Times Higher Education Ranking of emerging economies, which include countries of vast  emerging economies King Khalid University ranked 105th  internationally. 

The  university Vice President of Quality and  Development  Prof. Marzan Al-Shahrani, explained that this achievement comes within an integrated series of goals planned according to a clear roadmap that aims to university achieve  the university's strategic vision of becoming one of  the top 200 universities in the world by the year 2030, in addition to strengthening university’s presence in the fields of education, scientific research and knowledge production; In a way that contributes to enhancing its reputation on the regional and international level.

On the same note, the General Supervisor of the University's International Classifications Unit, Dr. Sami Al-Shehri, said  that the Time’s University Ranking for emerging economies aims to evaluate universities in the light of research production and economic return, through  five main criteria’s    namely education (30 Scientific research (30%), research citations (20%), income from industry (10%), and the international dimension (10%). The classification also includes 13 performance indicators with exact ratios that professionally evaluate all academic and research aspects in universities.