University Student Earns Gold Medal in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition in Thailand IPITEX 2024


In a recent international achievement, student Raghad Abdullah Al-Odaid (College of Engineering – Industrial Engineering Department), earned the gold medal in the "IPITEX 2024" competition for entrepreneurship and innovation. The competition was held in the Kingdom of Thailand, with 28 participating countries.   

"Advanced AI aircraft docking guidance system", was the name of Al-Odaid's project, which is one of the projects that launched via the King Khalid University Incubator. The project is one of the 930 international projects overseen by the Entrepreneurship Center at the university, and supported by the Deanship of Students' Affairs. 

This achievement affirms the university's continued support and its concrete determination to enrich such contributions, and empower effective presence in various programs and fields.

It is worth noting that Al-Odaid had previously earned a number of international awards, including awards and medals from Taiwan (WIIPA), Poland (IBS), and India (The Innovative Association). She earned two special awards from Malaysia (The International Association for Innovation and Research – GIRA), and (The Invention and Design Association – MINDS). She also earned an award from Pakistan (ROSHAN Youth Invention and Innovation Club – RYIIC).