University Patents a Gene Integrated into the Surface and Nucleus proteins of the Covid-19


A research team from the Advanced Materials Science Research Center at King Khalid University was able to register a patent in  the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property for “a gene integrated into the  surface proteins and the nucleus of the Covid 19 virus”, as part of the research supported by King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology in the fast track to support research on the  Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19). The research team consists of Dr. Essam Hassan Ibrahim (lead researcher), Prof. Dr. Hamid Ali Al Gharamah and Dr. Mona Kilani Abdel Gawad (associate researchers). The idea of ​​the invention is to produce a unit for rapid detection of infection with the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) in an accurate, easy, fast and economical way.


It is worth noting that Dr. Issam Hassan Ibrahim works as a part-time consultant at the Advanced Materials Science Research Center, and  is an assistant professor in the Biology Department - College of Science with more than fifty publication. And  Prof. Dr. Hamid Ali Al-Gharama has published more than One hundred scientific papers in international classified journals and has many patents.