About Administration


To seek excellence in performance and discipline control and to ensure its tools to raise the overall work levels of university employees in front of regulatory agencies.



The Follow-up administration concerns with maintaining the integrity of application of regulatory systems and performance control and reveals the areas of shortcomings and deficiencies and provides solutions.



 To participate with specialized authorities in developing and raising the self-regulation for the university employees.

 To ensure the integrity of application of administrative procedures according to the prescribed conditions and rules.

 To determine the commitment extent of university units with certified conditions, rules and procedures.

 To identify the negative aspects of work -if there are- and suggest suitable solutions for them in addition to enhancing the positive type of work.

 To measure the extent of discipline with official working hours.  

 To activate the regulatory items and to enhance the supervisory role to preserve the university rights.


Tasks of Follow-up Administration

 To observe the workflow in the university and ensure following the certified conditions, rules and procedures.

 To carry out inspection tours for the various scientific and administrative university units to find out the areas of work weakness and deficiencies in the tasks achieving in coordination with responsible university departments.

 To participate in the investigation committees of employees' violations and to inquire into the areas of weaknesses in university units.

 To investigate with the employees who are by the system; the follow-up administration is responsible for their investigations.

 To communicate with the concerned authorities inside and outside the university regarding referred employees' issues to the administration and the consequences of these issues.

 To follow-up, inspect and review the monthly attendance reports and absence records without excuses through the staff affairs program as well as to approve or cancel the discounts.

 To communicate with regulatory and security authorities to respond to the questions and inquiries respectively.

 To prepare the required data for those who have exceeded the regulatory limit of absences and the conditions of leaving the jobs in coordination with specialized authorities.

 To activate and manage the fingerprint system in the university which aims to follow-up the attendance and absence of employees and provide technical support for all the university units.

 To register and delete the names and fingerprints of employees in the fingerprint system.

 To carry out administrative inspections and evaluations of operative services in addition to following-up and editing the field observations.  

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