King Khalid University

Objectives of KKU Strategy 2030

A world-leading university that builds people, environments, and economy
University Strategy
Teaching and Learning
Exceptional programs that enrich skills, keep up with modern developments, and implement local and international partnerships.
Research and Innovation
Specified research priorities in the fields of Health, Life, Environment, Agriculture, and advanced materials, in line with social needs and future economics.
Social responsibility
High cooperation in offering the university's capabilities and facilities for community service and in support of volunteer work.
University Life
An attractive university environment that enriches the quality of life.
Institutional Excellence
A flexible organizational structure, built on expenditure and operation efficiency, achieving academic, technical, research, and innovation excellence.
Revenue and Sustainability
An attraction for studying, events, and investment, built on enablers and generates revenue.
3588Faculty Staff

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KKU Concludes the Second Edition of the "Innovation in Education Hackathon"

KKU concluded the second edition of the "Innovation in Education Hackathon"

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Persons of influential contributions to KKU


Persons of influential contributions to King Khalid University

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is home to many influential persons and national cadres who have immensely contributed to the development and support of King Khalid University

Achievements and Prizes

386 GloballyQS World Classification for Scientific programs 2024 in engineering and technology
386 Globally
2 in the GulfThe Business Center Achieves Second Place as the Best Work Environments in the Public Sector in the Gulf
2 in the Gulf
6 Locally - 601 GloballyThe university Soars 160 Placements in the QS World University Rankings 2025
6 Locally - 601 Globally
401 - 500 GloballyThe university is among the top 500 universities in the world in the Times Sustainable Development Rankings 2024
401 - 500 Globally
2022KKU Received the Practical Excellence and the Institutional Excellence Awards for Expenditure Efficiency
The university receives the Blackboard 2022 Global Learning Management System Award
Excellence Award in Learning Data Analysis from the global organization OLC
WSIS 2020 United Nations World Summit Award for the GoGeek platform
Four Medals in the Worldinvent 2023 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
KKU students won three gold medals and one silver medal in the Worldinvent 2023 innovation and entrepreneurship competition held in Singapore.
Patented gene for the surface and core proteins of the Covid-19 virus
Patented gene for the surface and core proteins of the Covid-19 virus
Female Humanities and Literature students at Ahad Rufaidah translate 400 articles into Arabic on Wikipedia
Female Humanities and Literature students at A
Academic Accreditation for 13 Programs from the Education and Training Evaluation Commission
Academic Accreditation for 13 Programs from the Education and Training Evaluation Commission


Enriching University life through establishing a student-focused educational journey, developing the educational environment for students and faculty, and incorporating digital tool.
Student Activities:

The university, represented by the Deanship of Student Affairs, organizes a wide array of cultural, social, and athletic activities. These initiatives aim to enrich the cultural, social, physical, and health aspects of students’ life, fostering their integration into their social environment within the college and the university.

The Guidance and Counseling Unit:

The Guidance and Counseling Unit delivers a host of services that include psychological, social, academic, and professional counselling to all students. These services are delivered through multiple and varied means, with the aim of enhancing students' mental health, providing academic support during their time at the university.

The Persons with Disabilities Unit:

The Persons with Disabilities Unit provides care and rehabilitation services for students with disabilities to rehabilitate and integrate them academically and psychologically into the university community. It also offers support programs that facilitate academic tasks and a variety of cultural, sports, and social activities.


The university has a collection of central and branch libraries that fall under the management of the Deanship of Library Affairs. These libraries provide a substantial number of Arabic and foreign references, periodicals, master’s and doctoral theses, as well as electronic references and books. Additionally, the libraries offer an electronic system for searching for books, references, theses, and periodicals.

Restaurants and Cafes:

King Khalid University offers a range of cafes, pastry shops, and dessert outlets, along with several fantastic locations for relaxation and dining. Additionally, there is the University Restaurant, which offers buffet-style menus for students, faculty, and staff.

Medical Care:

• King Khalid University Medical City provides a wide range of medical services to its affiliated students, faculty members, and employees, through the University Hospital in Al-Qaraa University City and primary care clinics scattered across various university campuses. • Capacity of beds at King Khalid University Medical City: 800 beds.


About Aseer

Uniquely diversified, Aseer region boasts varying terrains from towering peaks to serene coasts, expansive plains, rugged plateaus, and undulating deserts. This rich geographical variation contributes to an array of natural landscapes and contrasting climatic conditions. Most of Asir's thriving residential communities are perched on the mountain peaks, with the region's coast extending westwards to the mesmerizing Red Sea. Notable islands overlooking the sea include the renowned Kedambel Island, alongside the historic port of Qahmah. Desert landscapes and sand dunes further enrich the scenic diversity of Asir, prominently found in the two governorates of Bishah and Tathleeth.

Aseer's Diverse Landscape

Electronic Services

You can access the university's services with ease, and we are continuously working to improve quality
Services Guides

A digital environment for courses and co

Maintenance Ticketing System

Customer service through technical reports, ov


A proposed system for automated procedures for e-correspondence and archiving and serve all university departments.


A services that allows students to register and access various services


A service for beneficiaries' complaints to all university entities.

Virtual Tour

A tour of the university and its facilities in 360 technology


A service to all university affiliates to browse the weekly newspaper, Afaq

Academic Calendar

A service that allow you to browse the academic calendar and university events


Success People

University Faculty Member Receives a Patent for Protecting Industrial and Petroleum Facilities from Cyber Attacks

Faculty member at King Khalid University, Dr. Abeer bint Zahir bin Awad Al-Almai, in partnership with Engineer Abdul Moeen bin Saleh bin Abed Al-…

Amira Suhaim: "Excellence" Requires Great Efforts, Hard Work and Continuous Creativity.

King Khalid University consist of a boundless of talents and  professionals that work tirelessly to develop themselves and to grow to serve…

"Success Is Attained by Great Effort" – Hamzah Al-Saeed - King Khalid University Excellence Award Winner

For his efforts and professional accomplishments while working in the office of His Excellency the University President, Professor Hamzah bin Ahmed…