Dates for Summer Semester Registration and Handling

The Deanship of Admission and Registration is announcing the registration and handling process for the 1439 AH summer semester in accord with the following dates:

  • Students who are expected to graduate will be from 8/9/1439 AH to 9/9/1439 AH.
  • Upperclassmen from 1435 AH and below including internal visitor students will be on 10/9/1439 AH.
  • Other students will be on 11/9/1439 AH.
  • Requests through the Tawasol service (adding or dropping a course) will start on 12/9/1439 AH and end on 13/9/1439 AH.
  • Receiving external visitor students' requests will be from 8/9/1439 AH to 10/9/1439 AH.