University Hosts World Cancer Day Program

Rector Promotes Cancer Research and Education
Source : 
King Khalid University - Media Center


King Khalid University Rector, His Excellency Prof. Falleh R. M. Al-Solamy, hosted World Cancer Day on behalf of King Khalid University. The Department of Clinical and Laboratory Sciences at the Faculty of Applied Medical organized the event in cooperation with the college's student club.


His Excellency opened the program by expressing his appreciation for all of the organizers and participants. He then invited everyone in attendance to tour the interactive exhibition the faculty and students created for the event. There were many exhibits from both within and outside the university. The exhibits helped identify cancer risks and the various strategies for both preventing and treating cancers. His Excellency stated that the purpose of the World Cancer Day was to raise awareness about cancer and promote education on cancer prevention and treatment. His Excellency also noted that King Khalid University plans to open a cancer research center. He said that the cancer center will, in cooperation with other relevant institutions, use the university's considerable medical expertise and resources to advance the body of knowledge on cancer prevention and treatment. This center comports with the public health improvement goals set forth in Vision 2030 and its appendant aspirational documents.


Dean Al-Ahmari: 'This event comes as part of the Department's contribution to achieving the mission of the university and the college in raising the awareness of society about health problems'.


Dean of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Dr. Khalid Al-Ahmari, then made a brief presentation. He welcomed all of the organizers and participants. Dean Al-Ahmari reiterated that the program is just one of many current and future initiatives to improve public health through cancer awareness and education. He further expressed his gratitude to all of the public and private healthcare providers and administrative agencies for their support of the department and the university in these important efforts.


Dr. Majid Saad Al-Faye, Head of Clinical Laboratory Sciences Department, provided much useful information about cancer. 'Cancer is a leading cause of death throughout the world. Patients and their families suffer enormously due to the scourge of cancer and related diseases. Every year Saudi Arabia records more than 14,000 cases of cancer. It is our objective to reduce this distressing figure by 40% through research and education' he said. Dr. Al-Faye also said that he would be utilizing many resources, including the university's own graduate students, to design and develop programs which would significantly increase cancer prevention in the Kingdom.


Later in the program, Dr. Ahmed Al-Omari, Dr. Ali Al-Khathami, and Dr. Mohamed Al-Faifi conducted a forum detailing the latest developments in cancer treatment. As part of their presentation, they showed a short film regarding modern cancer prevention and treatment methods.


On behalf of the students at the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Dr. Erwa Al-Batayneh spoke on behalf of the college student club. He stressed the importance of student involvement in research and community awareness activities. He noted that the university's cancer initiatives are a high priority for the club and that the talented club members are working diligently on these efforts in conjunction with other public and private stakeholders.


At the conclusion of the program, the organizers presented His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy with a plaque to commemorate the event. Once again the Rector thanked all of the organizers, participants and attendees.