King Khalid University's Design Thinking Unit

Expanding Horizons in Higher Education
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kku - media center

In an expansion towards the creation of a scientific future, through the design of precise mechanisms, King Khalid University established the newly formed Design Unit. The unit's central initiative is to build a future of learning, using enhanced design to increase the University’s innovation and creativity in technology, communication, and media to deliver better outcomes and to prepare our students for careers in innovation.

The unit is based on four main objectives with achieving the desired goal in designing a learning experience:

  1. The use of design thinking in innovation to face obstacles, find solutions, and to come up with recommendations to shift towards a new non-traditional way of thinking based on collective intelligence.
  2. Creating an inviting learning experience design to give students the chance to gain 21st-century skills and to contribute to the transformation of faculty members into sources of inspiration.
  3. Delivering world-class service design to employees, faculty members, and students to enhance their academic experience. It also includes designing creative workspaces, learning environments, and collaborative teams.
  4. Encouraging design research through supporting the studies and practices in the field of design in all colleges in the field of design research.

Al-Solamy: This unit was established in accord with Vision 2030. We aim to identify needs and find solutions for innovative learning utilizing design-based thinking with the help of Allah.

Dean of e-Learning and Design Unit Supervisor, Dr. Fahad Al-Ahmari, said: "Design strategies like design thinking, learning design experience, and design services are not limited to companies and projects, they prominently include strategies and technologies that extend to education. Many international universities in Singapore, Finland, Australia, America, Britain, and Japan have adopted design thinking strategies in the higher education system, to provide the flexibility that answers learning needs and secures an ample space of new ideas and creativity. We encourage a culture of collaboration between students and teachers through this unit to deliver better outcomes."