In a Meeting with Media Professionals of the Asir Region

Masters in Media Opening Soon
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King Khalid University, Media Center

During a meeting with the media professionals in the Asir region, and on the sidelines of the training tourism media course which is organized by King Khalid University (KKU) represented by the Media Center during the period 20-21 of this month, His Excellency, Prof. Dr. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al Solamy, the Rector of KKU, confirmed that the University is looking forward to establishing a Masters program in the Department of Media as early as next year. Rector Al Solamy specified that the media professionals of the Asir region would have the largest share of the program seats.

Al Solamy: Empowering the media to benefit from research centers at the University will contribute to serving the Asir region.

Rector Al Solamy further clarified that the University is keen to provide unique developmental and community services to the Asir region. In conjunction with the city of Abha being named the Arab Tourism Capital 2017, the university insisted on holding this course and opened its doors to the media professionals of the Asir region in all of its fields. Rector Al Solamy said, “Enabling media to benefit from the research centers in the university will be a massive contribution to the Asir region.” He further stressed the need to activate the role of women in the areas of media inside and outside the university.

Earlier, the sessions of the training course discussed a number of research papers submitted by an elite group academicians from the Media and Communication Department at the University. The Head of the Department, the General Supervisor of the Media Center and Afaaq newspaper, Prof. Ali bin Shuwail Al-Qarni, opened the session with a paper on "Tourism in the light of Vision 2030." He pointed to the importance of activating scientific research in the tourism sector and the role of Saudi universities in this area.

Associate Professor, Dr. Omar Bousada, presented a paper entitled "Specialized Media" in which he talked about the importance of tourism in supporting the development process and the role of the media in this regard. Before that, Lecturer in the Department of Media, Yazeed Al-Jasser, provided another paper entitled, “Tourism and the New Media," in which he highlighted the impact of social media in supporting tourism.

Mr. Yazeed Al-Jasser concluded the sessions of the first day with a paper on "Tourism Media: Its Importance, ethics, and Essentials."

On the second day of the course, Dr. Saeed presented two papers, one on "Tourism marketing requirements in the media" and the other entitled "Media processing of tourism activities and events."

The Head of the Media Department and the General Supervisor of the Media Center at the University, Prof. Ali bin Shuwail Al-Qarni, asserted that the center and the department are very happy with the success of this course and that attendance exceeded expectations. He hoped that the course would have a substantially positive impact in supporting tourism of the Asir region through its media professionals. He confirmed that KKU Media has many services that will be provided to support the media process in the Asir region. He further related that there is a workshop under development on the duties and rights of media spokesman. He maintained that the department is putting on the final touches before releasing it officially.

It is noteworthy that the number of beneficiaries of the course exceeded 100 trainees from various media bodies in the region. They aimed at specifying a precise definition of tourism media, its components, and requirements, in addition to drawing successful media treatment of the event and highlighting distinctively touristic activities and events in media.