Our students in examinations

Harvest the fruits of tiredness
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King Khalid University, IT Directorate

Nowadays exams are proceeded and it is normal to students to be indulged in studying and revising. The students' families try to help and stand next to their children to overcome exams successfully and gain the highest score.

Prayers and Anticipation

Thousands of families are waiting for the results of exams of their children. Every family tries to provide their children with the proper environment to make their achievement and pick the fruit of being tired throughout the year. Exams are usually accompanied by a lot of stress, distress and search for the way that ensures success and excellence. Because the testing period is a short time, many of the students double their efforts during the year in studying. Tests period is accompanied by many positive and negative characteristics. Educators and psychologists warn of resorting to stimulants during this period because they result in "difficulties in concentration, the dispersion of mind and perhaps insomnia continues beyond the period of the tests".

The positive role of the family

The preparations of families for the season of final exams have become a scary obsession for students and their parents, especially students at the Secondary Grade. Educators confirm that it is necessary to manage time efficiently, organize study time and take a break, as well as sleeping and eating well. The family should take on its shoulders managing time and create the appropriate atmosphere for the examiner to study and revise well without being subjected to psychological pressure and the feeling of fear, anxiety, and dread of exams.

A lot of students have a problem in retreating what they have studied as soon as they enter the exam room, or start reading the questions. They are distracted by many questions during the days of revision, and they feel much of symptoms before the exams, such as feeling bored of textbooks and lacking the desire to study anymore, in addition to suffering anxiety, drowsiness and loss, so the student has to escape from studying to watch TV programs or talk on the phone, or overeating because he feels that all information, inside his mind, may evaporate into the air, and feels that his mind couldn't receive any more information.

The difficulty of studying

Many of psychiatrists and social workers presented some tips to ease the stress and anxiety that haunt the student during studying. They think that if the student accumulates his lessons and doesn't divide his time in studying since the beginning of the school year, he will face difficulty in studying those lessons during exams. Some of the students intensify studying till the late hours in a few days that precede exams, and this causes them tiredness and insomnia, due to the random studying. Therefore, the student will not benefit this kind of studying, which leads to lack of focus and consequently lower marks, despite his major effort.

Attainment Measures

The exams are nothing but a collection of what has been studied, and the scale of what the student has attained throughout the entire semester. The student should stay away from the psychological stress, accumulating lessons, and he should study what he learns in the classroom at first hand at home, so it will be easy for him to revise his lessons during exams period. There is no doubt that if he doesn't do this, he will suffer tiredness, especially when trying to study in lost time, where they will be unable to learn and remember the material in their hands, and it affects negatively on their health when he will suffer depression, despair and feeling of fear of exams, and lack of confidence in their abilities.

Take responsibility

The tests are so a prominent period in a human life, and a way to teach the student to take responsibility. The youth actions, which they do at home, school, and street usually appear in the exams, and the follower of the status of young people during testing finds a big retreat in taking the responsibility of exams and facing difficulties.

There are also some models that run away from confrontation by withdrawing or carelessness and the other type depends on cheating to escape from the responsibility. Escape and recklessness are expected results of the period of adolescence, which is characterized by adventure and innovation and the desire to show up, in addition to what is called, in teenagers' language, "Action", which usually appears through humor, circumvent or numb oneself by hopes and wishes.

Important Tips

Many students ask about how to face the worries of exams, and how to overcome them. Here, we offer a range of tips that, God willing, contribute to the success of the students after Allah's reconciliation.

Before exam:

- Wake up early.

- Finish studying the key elements of a subject.

- Have your breakfast to keep active.

- Satisfy your parents and don't miss their prayers; this will help to relieve your tension and ease your matter.

- Go to the hall of the test early enough.

 In the testing room:

- Trust in God

- Do not distract yourself with thinking and fear of exams, and remember that the test is a measure of the level of your education, which you gained throughout the year.

- Remember that this is not the first exam you get in and succeed.

Dealing with the exam paper

- Start with the name of Allah, and then type your name and your number.

- Read the determined time to answer.

- Read questions quietly and do not worry about difficult questions.

- Start with the easy questions.

- Leave difficult questions to the end of the exam.

We ask God for reconciliation to students and to make us successful and winners in this World and the Afterlife.