A researcher's advice for parents

Never depend on punishment as a way to bring up your kids
Source : 
Afaq Newspaper, IT

A master's student in the Educational Psychology Department of the University, Azza Abdullah Al Naem Al Shehri, has conducted a study of parental treatment methods, and their relationship to effective reliance among the students of the preparatory stage in Abha.

Through her research,  Al Naem sought to identify the nature of the relationship between parental treatment methods (punitive method - a method to withdraw love - guidance method) for both the father and mother and the effectiveness of the self in a sample of students in the preparatory stage in Abha.

The most important recommendations:

  • The need to provide outreach programs to develop awareness of parents using the correct and proper methods in the education of their children.
  • Keep away from the use of punishment method in education.
  • The establishment of seminars and forums concerned with direction and guidance and designed to help parents learn the correct and proper methods of treatment for their children.
  • Focus through the media and religious awareness on the use of parental style direction and guidance in dealing with Teenagers programs, due to the existence of a relationship between this method and the effectiveness of self for the children; Education optimized technique.
  • Planning for programs aimed at the development of self-efficacy among children in middle school and early adolescence.