After deserving the title of the Capital of Arab Tourism 2017

Abha awaiting the biggest touristic event in Saudi Arabia
Source : 
Afaq Newspaper, IT

Abha City awaits the largest tourism event in Saudi Arabia; the celebration of obtaining the title of the capital of Arab tourism in 2017 which is scheduled to be held on 21th of Rajab, corresponding to April 18.

The ceremony in particular and the occasion, in general, enjoys a direct supervision and follow-up of His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdul Aziz, the Governor of Asir region, who is also the chairman of the Tourist Development Council and the Chairman of the Supreme Committee for event activities and programs.

Supervisor of Media Affairs in the governor office, who is also the Media Committee Chairman, Saad bin Abdullah Al Thabt assured that the prepared committees made great efforts and constant coordination with several governments and private agencies to arrange a festivities that worth the prestige of the city of Abha in tourism on the home map. He pointed out that the celebration which will be held on the Dam Lake and attended by a large number of Arab personalities will witness new performances and great surprises that will be announced later.

Al Thabt explained that he is currently preparing an artwork and a celebration stage with an area of 300 m, after the arrival of high-tech devices from Germany and devoted to ceremony presentations, along with fireworks from China. He noted that the organizing company has set up its vision for the celebration through the use of new technologies with high quality and visual impress, with attention to details of participants and performance of the participating teams and employing and highlighting local heritage in a civilized manner, as well as ensuring the provision of qualitative and unprecedented work in the Kingdom.

 Reasons to win the title:

Five factors stood behind the choice of Abha as the capital of Arab tourism in 2017 determined by the committee of experts in the Organization of tourism in the Arab League. According to the Head of the Arab Tourism Organization, Dr. Bandar Al-Fahid, these factors were: charming nature, mild climate, touristic patterns in Abha, historical position, cultural and social heritage, unique agricultural environment, its own festivals, natural ingredients and multiple patterns including the beauty of the forest in Suda, Delgan, and Habla, in addition to highlands with panoramic views of the highest point in the Kingdom (Souda).  Dr. Bandar Al-Fahid added that the climate of Abha City remains the coolest in the KSA; moderate in the summer and somehow cold.

 Strategic location:

Abha City enjoys a strategic location as it is the most important trade lane roads, the scene of various cultural influences, and the city of Jerash is the best proof of that.

Incomparable Ecotourism

Ecotourism in Abha City has unique features, as it acquires 70% of the vegetable coverage in the kingdom and has a clean and pollution-free environment in addition to protected environments (such as reeda). Moreover, the phenomenon of the rise of the fog from the valleys of Tehama and collect high in the mountains, and the presence of nearby bodies of water, in addition to the most prominent types of vegetation, namely: juniper trees, cactus, Aladenh, and Acacia, all are found only in Abha City.

 A rich Heritage

The city has a rich cultural social heritage, including the Tuesday Market, Muftaha Village for fine arts which is the source of art and beauty, Muqapl Alley, which was an Ottoman Headquarter (A Turkish administrative division).

Monuments mountain in the city of Abha afford a rich history, including: Zerah Mount, which was a Turkish military barracks then allocated at a later period of wireless communications to finally become a tourist landmark and technical panel surrounded by green stands, emits greenness light at night, Shamsan Mount, on which there is a courtyard and a castle that used to protect the city from the north, Abu Khayal Mount which is the brother of Mount Zerah and on it there was a castle to monitor Del'e but now it becomes a and touristic stopover for teleferic.

 Taking the lead in the implementation of festivals

Regarding festivals, the history of tourism work attests that Abha took the lead in establishing the concept of festivals that attracted the attention of the Arab world. Abha has hosted famous artists, sports and Culture stars in activities and programs that are still stuck in the mind.

Attract investments

It is noteworthy that the President of the Arab Tourism Organization, Dr. Bander Al Fahid revealed earlier the agreement with the Prince Faisal Bin Khaled, the Emir of Asir region, to develop strategies and promotional plans to attract investment to the city of Abha, after winning the capital of Arab tourism in 2017, not only at the national level, but extends to the Arab world. Dr. Al Fahid expressed his happiness with the support of His Highness the Emir of the region to these strategies and plans to provide all support and facilities.

Dr. Al Fahid: Tourism is patterned, including shopping, heritage, history, and nature, all of which could be found in the Asir region 

Al-Fahid said, "whenever facilities and support provided, investments will come, and we are working with the Islamic Bank to ensure investment and capital flows among the Arab countries, to reduce the possibility bankruptcy and encouraged investor" He added, "within the strategy from now until 2017 are the development of quality, the establishment of a lot of meetings and events, workshops, and courses).

He did not hide his surprise at the abundance of museums and historical models of villages that have turned into touristic locations such as bin Hassan, Rejal Alma'e…etc. He also was surprised by the interest of young people in their heritage and deliver a message to the world of their grandparents and their parents. Dr. Al Fahid added, "Tourism is patterned, including shopping, heritage, history, and nature, all of which could be found in the Asir region" pointing out that the new airport will be a milestone and an excellent example on the regional level, and will contribute to providing more air transport services.