In an attempt to honor Engineering graduates

University Rector inaugurates the 3rd Engineer's Day
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King khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency, King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al Solamy has inaugurated the activities of the 3rd Engineer's Day which is organized by Engineering College and attended by the University Vice-President for Academic and Educational Affairs, Dr. Muhammed Al Hassoun and the University Vice-President for Projects, Dr. Muhammed Abu Adham, in addition to the Dean of Engineering College, Dr. Ibrahim Falqi.

Upon the Rector's arrival, he opened the exhibit which contained graduation projects with models (31 projects from five disciplines namely: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. Rector Al Solamy was also briefed on the corner of the academic guidance which provides consultations for graduates about job opportunities and how to look for a job. In addition, the Rector visited job interview simulation corner, the corner of training on writing resumes, and the Idea corner which provides some of the university students' successful projects, in cooperation with Talent and Innovation Center of King Khalid University. The activities also included holding two lectures, the first entitled, "The best format of CV" which was presented by Dr. Ibrahim El Sisi, and the second entitled, "Secrets of Interviews" which was presented by lecturer Muhammed Awad.

Dr. Falqi: Engineer's Day seeks to motivate graduates and let them show their abilities, in addition to raising the quality of graduation projects

For his part, the Dean of Engineering College, Dr. Ibrahim Falqi, has confirmed that the Engineer's Day is the first of many steps will be taken to honor Engineering College graduates. During this Day, many graduation projects will be presented, discussed, and finally evaluated by the commissions that were formed from different departments. Moreover, the activities of the Day will include establishing many corners and holding many lectures that in turn will help the graduate to get informed about job paths and show him/her how to create a strong CV, in addition to making the graduate ready for job interviews. The Dean further clarified that holding this Day seeks to motivate graduates and let them show their abilities, in addition to raising the quality of graduation projects as well. Projects are showed in the open air which definitely considered a successful means for intellectual exchange among students and teachers.

Falqi added, "I couldn't forget to thank the Rector for his active sponsorship to the event and for his ongoing support for the Engineering College. I would like to thank the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Exhibition, Dr. Ihab Muhammed Shaqdi and his team who did big efforts in arrangements. I also appreciate efforts done by lecturer Meshal Kblan Al Qahtani who had a supervision role on preparing the location of the event"